Shooting RAW with the iPhone 7

Apple introduced the ability for its users to capture RAW images with iOS 10, which coincided with the launch of the iPhone 7 & 7 plus back in September 2016. Both phones were upgraded with 12MP sensors, with the 7 Plus boasting two cameras designed specifically for wide angle and telephoto shooting. There were various other minor improvements made to both cameras and when I recently upgraded to an iPhone 7, I was keen to test it out. I took the iPhone 7 to sunny Sutton on Sea to capture some images and see what the phone camera was capable of!


Before we get into the photographs it is important to understand the file format and the many benefits (& occasional drawback) of shooting in RAW. Using the standard camera application on the iPhone, images are captured and saved as JPEGs. The JPEG file type is extremely common and all cameras (including most DSLR’s) will be set to this by default. Because the file type is so widely supported it’s great for sharing images over the internet on websites & email etc. However, JPEG images are what’s known as lossy compression files. When a photograph is taken the camera compresses information into the file. The major drawback to shooting in JPEG is that every time the image is opened, edited & saved file data is lost, potentially leading to the loss in image quality over time.

When shooting in RAW photographs are captured directly from the cameras sensor, however the camera does not apply any form of processing to these images. In turn this means much more data is recorded and stored within the file. RAW files can’t be shared straight away and need to go through a conversion process in a program like Lightroom or Photoshop. Once this process has been completed the file can be saved into a variety of different file types, including JPEG. When using a program like Lightroom any edits are not applied directly to the image file. Meaning any changes can be easily reverted or changed and there is absolutely no loss in image quality.

Due to the amount of data recorded, editing RAW files is incredibly powerful. Below you can see an example of the basic conversion process in Photoshop.


In this example the beach-hut is silhouetted while the sky is fairly well exposed. I was able to simply pull up the shadows slider in order to reveal all of the details that were previously unseen. To do something like this with a JPEG file would be incredibly difficult and time consuming, but in a matter of seconds you can make a huge difference to RAW photographs. It is for reasons like these RAW files are so popular with photographers.

Unfortunately, RAW images can’t be captured through the iPhones default camera application. In order to shoot RAW images you need to buy a third party application from the App Store. All of the images seen in this post were shot with ProCam. £4.99 (as of 21/02/17) – Although I’m pretty sure I managed to pick this up for cheaper in a promotion.


Shooting with the app is great and it has a variety of different modes, including a program mode, Aperture priority and Shutter Priority modes. It has many more features than the standard camera application and displays the white balance, aperture, shutter and ISO while shooting. Playing with these settings gives you much more creative control over your photographs, especially when shooting in RAW.


crab sunny-beachsand



I was pretty happy with some of the images I was able to capture and shooting in RAW definitely helped me salvage some photos that would have been unusable. I was away and shooing with my phone for 5 days and rapidly filled up my internal storage space. The files are saved as .DNG’s (Digital Negative Files) and had an average size of 10-12mb for each file. This is up to 5 times as much space that an average iPhone JPEG would use.  You definitely need to be aware of this when shooting in RAW as you will find your storage space depleting at a much faster rate than normal.

file size

It’s a shame that Apple have not implicated the RAW feature into the default camera application as it is such a powerful feature. Fingers crossed this will be added in future iOS updates, but for now I would definitely recommend downloading an app like ProCam if you are looking to try out shooting iPhone RAW.

If you’d like to learn more about editing your RAW photographs we have some really great Lightroom & Photoshop courses available. If you would like to start shooting your own RAW images we also offer Beginner DSLR courses & bespoke One to One tuition.


Post by Office Administrator Tom Dumbleton.



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Welcome to Printing House Yard!

We are very pleased to introduce to you all to our lovely new office in Printing House Yard.

Our new space is split over 2 floors. Downstairs we have the waiting/break area (complete with snazzy hanging bar) and bourgeois style bathroom.


Upstairs is of course the all important classroom where most of our courses take place! We are still running our Darkroom and Studio Lighting courses over a Holborn Studios


Check out more photos below:






We even have some fancy new wall mounts for our studio lights!



We are super happy with our new space and we hope you will all be too!

Just a reminder of our new address:

7 Printing House Yard
15 Hackney Road
E2 7PR

And phone number:

020 7729 1936

See you very soon!



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Our New Studio!


As some of you may be aware we have recently moved to a new studio! After 5 years on Provost Street we have moved into an amazing new space in Printing House Yard. The new space is really lovely and is just a 10 minute walk away from our old office!


We are just putting the finishing touches in place, so expect to see a lot more of our new office in the coming weeks!

We have been a little quite on our social media for the last few weeks due to all of the craziness that comes along with moving. We took a few photographs during the move & we wanted to share these with you as we bid goodbye to Zeus House!

oldoffice5oldoffice4oldoffice1 oldoffice2oldoffice3

We hope to welcome you to our new space soon!

Our new office address is: 7 Printing House Yard, Hackney Road, London, E2 7PR.

We also have a brand new telephone number – 020 7729 1936.



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Winner of the 2016 Wildlife Photographer of the Year is announced!


Congratulations to Tim Laman, winner of the 2016 Wildlife Photographer of the Year.


Congratulations to Tim Laman who wins the main prize of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award 2016, now open at the Natural History Museum, for his stunning series ‘Entwined Lives‘, having scaled a 30m tall tree to get up and close with the orang-utan.


Tim Laman was selected from over 50 000 international entries, for his series of 6 images which tell the story of the plight of the critically endangered Bornean orang-utan in the Indonesian rainforest.

Special congratulations also to London-based photographer, Gideon Knight, who won ‘Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year’ with this stunning image ‘The Moon and the Crow’.


Here are a few of our other faves…


The Sand Canvas‘ by Rudi Sebastian.



Wind Composition‘ by Valter Binotto



Star Player’ by Luis Javier Sandoval

View all 100 selected photographs at the National History Museum. Open until 10 Sep 2017.

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Congratulations to PCL tutor Tariq Zaidi!



Congratulations to PCL tutor Tariq Zaidi who has won 1st prize in the Professional Editorial category of the 2016 International Photography Awards. His photograph of rural life in South Sudan was previously featured in the Los Angeles Times, and is a great example of his ability to sensitively capture people in their natural environments. Tariq also won 3rd prize in the same category with this stunning image of pilgrims in Lalibela, Ethiopia.


We are very inspired by Tariq’s success, as a self-taught photographer who gave up his senior corporate role in 2014 to focus on his passion for travel photography, it is brilliant to see how much he has achieved in a short amount of time.

We hope this encourages you all to get out there shooting!

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William Eggleston – Portraits


William Eggleston is known as a pioneering portrait photographer. Currently the National Portrait Gallery is showcasing the most comprehensive display of his work ever, from the 1960s to the present day.

The exhibition includes never before seen vintage black and white prints, his earliest work from the 1960s. Also a range of his colour photography, which is celebrated as being pivotal in the recognition of colour photography as a contemporary art form.

The exhibition showcases 100 of Egglestons works. Here are just a few of our favourites:






Of this last photo, Eggleston said, “Some kind of pimply, freckle-faced guy in the late sunlight. And by God, it all worked.” He regards this as his first successful colour image, the first frame he shot.

Although small, the exhibition is perfectly curated and a really stunning collection of Eggletsons work. An exhibition you could walk around again and again. A definite must-see show!

It is on at the National Portrait Gallery until 26 October.

Tickets cost £8 or £6.50 for concessions. Book yours now here –

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Firecracker Photographic Grant 2016


FIC11_165 cover DEF 2.indd

Firecracker Photographic Grant 2016 is now open for entries

Firecracker Photographic Grant is an annual award for female photographers, born or residing in Europe, who are pursuing documentary photographic projects. The award offers £1000 plus £1000 towards printing/ mounting/ framing.

The winner of the 2015 Firecracker Photographic Grant was Spanish photographer Lua Ribeira. Ribeira won the award for these stunning images from her series, ‘Noises in the Blood’, exploring British Dancehall culture.



More details about the application process can be found online:

Good luck! We’d love to see some PCL students in this year’s line-up :)

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The Skygarden

We recently visited the Skygarden and took a few photographs! Located on Fenchurch street & at 155 meters high, there are plenty of amazing photo opportunities!

The Skygarden is completely free to visit, but you need to book tickets in advance. Click here for some more information.

If you want to get out in the City this summer to take some of your own photographs, book onto our Street PhotographyStreet Photography Assignment courses or Street Photography Summer School!


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Operation Long Drive


Operation Long Drive is a project started by Haydon & Me-An Bend. They have both just set off on a trip of a lifetime, driving overland from the UK to Australia. We first heard of the project back in April 2015 and instantly decided to get involved!


After listening to the plans for this incredible project, we agreed to sponsor Haydon & Me-An with some of our photography courses.  With going on a once in a lifetime trip like this, documenting the amazing moments is going to be imperative. The Long Drive started today (Wednesday 1 June 2016) from Greenwich Park in London, with the adventure set to last a good few months.

Check out some of these awesome images below taken on a recent shakedown in Scotland!

op3 op4 op5 op6

Haydon & Me-An completed the Beginners Guide to Digital Photography – Level 1 & Beginners Guide to Digital Photography – Level 2. These are two of our most popular courses and gives students a really solid understanding of their camera and how to use it creatively. If you’d like to get involved with our Beginner or Intermediate courses, please check our website for upcoming dates.

Take a look at this great long exposure taken by the pair on one of our courses last winter!


On their return we will have the pair come into the office to give a talk, sharing some stories & photographs from the trip. To be the first to hear about this and to keep up to date with all things PCL, click HERE to subscribe to our mailing list.

Be sure to follow Operation Long Drive on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with their adventures!!!


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Strange & Familiar by Martin Parr

Last weekend we went to check out the Strange and Familiar Faces of Britain exhibition at the Barbican, curated by Martin Parr. A massive show covering 2 full floors of the Barbican, we spent a good two hours looking at hundreds of works by different photographers from around the world.


There is a huge variety of work on show, ranging from the early photographers of the 1930’s such as Edith Tutor Hart, right up until the present day with works from Bruce Gilden. We particularly loved the candid street photography of Henri Cartier-Bresson, the striking portraits of Paul Strand and the detailed shop window displays by Jim Dow.


Other artists include; Hans Eijkelboom, Frank Habicht, Candida Höfer, Akihito Okamura, Raymond Depardon & Rineke Dijkstra. There are 200+ photographs being exhibited  throughout the show.


We really loved the show and if you can make it down to the Barbican before the 19th June we would highly recommend you do so! Some more information on the show & how to book tickets can be seen here –

Also, be sure to look around the amazing conservatory that is open on Sundays! It’s home to an abundance of topical plants, flowers and wildlife, with plenty of great photographic opportunities. The conservatory is free to visit on and open from 12.00 – 17.00 on Sunday’s only. –



Be sure to follow us on Instagram for more photos from the conservatory!


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