What is Stock Photography?

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You may have heard of the words stock and images libraries before, but what exactly are they and how will shooting stock photography make a difference to your photography? We asked our seminar tutor Zoe Whishaw these exact questions, and this is what she told us…

What is Stock Photography?
“Creative Stock photography is pre-shot, ready-to-go, model released, unbranded imagery that is available for immediate use. An ideal stock image can be interpreted in a variety of ways and so be of value to a range of end users who can buy a license to use the image to sell a produce or service, for which the photographer receives a royalty.”

…and how can shooting Stock benefit photographers?
“All photographers need to explore ways to boost and develop their business. If the principles behind generating powerful stock images are well understood, placing work with a stock agency can provide a photographer with a valuable additional revenue stream alongside their other photographic endeavours. It can also be a great opportunity to further develop a personal portfolio of work through the exploration of visual metaphors and ideas. ”

To book a place on our upcoming Stock Photography Masterclass with industry expert Zoe Whishaw, please visit our website here – www.photographycourselondon.com/masterclasses/stock-photography

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