London Underground

There’s a great new photography exhibition on show at The Howard Griffin Gallery in Shoreditch at the moment that you really need to see.

Street photographer Bob Mazzer has been photographing on the tube for the past 30 years. On his daily commute when he used to work as a projectionist in a porn cinema, Mazzer would snap the activity that surrounded him on the tube and he has continued to do so ever since.
This exhibition houses a great collection of images from the 1970’s and 1980’s that document the goings on, fashions, daily life and humour of Londoners as they travel on the London underground.

The exhibition is showing until 13th July at the Howard Griffin gallery and and extra bonus is that it’s free so there’s not excuse to miss this one!

image-1 © Bob Mazzer

image-2 © Bob Mazzer

image-3 © Bob Mazzer

image-4 © Bob Mazzer

image© Bob Mazzer

All the exhibition details can be found here –

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