Photographer Simon Urwin

We’re really excited to share with you the work of photographer Simon Urwin, who has his photographs in two articles in the August issue of Lonely Planet Traveller magazine.

Simon is a long term friend of Photography Course London and we were thrilled to receive this latest surprise in the post! He has been travelling around Laos in Southeast Asia and capturing the stunning Buddhist temples, amazing food and truly stunning architecture and it’s design.

But he hasn’t stopped there. Simon also has another article which he also wrote,
‘The Photographer’s Story’, where he talks about the amazing work of the tile maker of Herat, Afghanistan.
With a selection of gorgeously coloured photographs, this story really makes you appreciate the beauty of the mosques and the effort that goes into making these truly spectacular pieces of art.

Below are a few sneaky shots but make sure to check out both the articles in full in the August issue of the magazine!

© Lonely Planet Traveller

‘The Photographers Story’

© Simon Urwin

© Simon Urwin

You can see more of Simon’s work on his website –
Lonely Planet Traveller magazine  –

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