PCL Interview with Photographer Bashar Alaeddin

© Bashar Alaeddin. ‘Steve’. Taken on the Portraiture Masterclass

Tuck into our very first interview, with talented photographer Bashar Alaeddin who recently attended our Portraiture Masterclass with tutor Bill Ling. Bashar took such striking images on the day, we couldn’t help but share them with you! Read on to find out what Bashar thought of the course, and to get an insight into his personal photographic work…

1. Hi Bashar. Can you tell us a bit about yourself, and how photography plays a part in your day-to-day life?

​I’m a digital photographer and videographer based in Amman, Jordan. I’ve been doing it professionally for about 8yrs now, balancing my studio work doing commercial and advertising-based jobs and my personal work travelling and documenting Arabian culture through the middle-east region.​

2. Why did you want to attend our Portraiture Masterclass?

​I mainly wanted to learn a few lighting techniques which I did. And I think the most effective part was seeing how, with just one light source, you can create a vast number of different moods and effects. I’ve been working a lot with food, products and interior and decided to get into portrait photography more and this is why I signed up for this class. ​

3. How was the course? Did you achieve what you had hoped?

​Yes, the class was great. Bill let us get hands-on with the lights throughout the day and it was perfect to see the differentiation on the screen when moving the light around the subject. Very practical and useful for me as I prefer to visualise it in front of me than to see what other influential photographers have done in a presentation-sense.​

4. What’s next for you and your photography?

​Well I’m back in Amman, Jordan now and have taken more fashion and portrait work and developing my skills and techniques one job at a time.

5. Thanks Bashar. Finally, do you have a question for us?

​Nope. Thanks so much for everything. I do plan on signing up for the Darkroom workshop. Hopefully if you’re giving it, as I’ll be in London again soon…​

For further viewing we recommend taking a look at his contemporary portrait / photo-documentary series about Arab tattoos in the Arab world – www.arabink.me, and these amazing food photos, guaranteed to make your mouth water – www.adasat.co/food

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© Bashar Alaeddin. ‘Ben’. Taken on the Portraiture Masterclass
© Bashar Alaeddin. ‘Laura’. Taken on the Portraiture Masterclass

Post by: Leela Axon / PCL

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