Prints for Refugees – Charity Project led by PCL tutor Mark Sherratt

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Photography Course London Tutor Mark Sherratt has set up an amazing project called Prints for Refugees, with 100% of the proceeds going to the charity Doctors of the World UK. This wonderful charity has been working with refugees and vulnerable migrants in Europe for many years, providing them with essential medical care while advocating for their right to health.  They are present at every stage of their journey, from conflict zones to Greece and in Calais.

Prints range from £40 – £150 and are all sent out personally by the photographer straight to your door.

Photographers currently involved include Mark himself, Olly Burn, Andrew Urwin and David Ryle, with more being added every week!

Here’s a taster of some of the prints that are on offer:

Colorado Mark S
© Mark Sherratt – Colorado
Andrew Urwin
© Andrew Urwin – Highlands, Scotland
David Ryle - C.A.R.L
© David Ryle – C.A.R.L
Rarotonga Sheraton Olly Burn
© Olly Burn – Rarotonga Sheraton
Picture 001
© Toby Coulson – (Untitled 2)
Rohini Jonathan Cherr
© Jonathan Cherry – Rohini

Visit the Website here:

Donate to the Charity here: Doctors of the World 

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