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Photography Course London Competition
The new theme for our latest competition is ‘The Portrait.’
This is a classic theme that has so many different variations and we want to see what you can create with all of the different styles and approaches out there.
Don’t be scared to experiment and go for something out of the ordinary and break the rules!

The winner will receive a Mounted 20″x24″ Fuji C-Type print of their choice, from the Print Space.
Second and Third place winners will receive a print of their choice printed on any of the fuji c-type papers, up to 20″x24″ from the Print Space.

How To Enter
In order to enter, you must be a fan of Photography course London on Facebook: you can do so by clicking here –
Once you are a fan, return to this page, then go ahead and click ‘add photos’.
Please add no more than 3 IMAGES per person.
(If more than 3 images are added only the first 3 will be considered.)

All forms of photography are allowed, (the more experimental the better!) so whether you shoot on your iphone, enjoy the art of film or want to go all professional on us, we want to see what you produce!

Deadline:ย Friday 3 October 2014

For all details and to enter, visit -ย

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