Searching for Ghosts exhibition at the Museum of Childhood!

Holly Street | Tom Hunter

Holly Street | Tom Hunter

Homes reveal much about the people who inhabit them offering an intimate portrait of our domestic lives and bearing the traces of the people who lived in them in the past. The fabric of the buildings document the layered changes of occupancy, taste and the passage of time. Working with the museum and photographer Tom Hunter participants undertook an exploration of some of the housing in East London; from the demolished tower block on the Holly Street Estate in Hackney, blown up in 1991, to the imposing red brick of the Boundary Estate in Tower Hamlets, the first municipal housing estate, built by the London County Council in 1898.

An intergenerational journey of discovery, unearthing stories of home and photographically bringing the past to life, offering a glimpse into the lived experience of several generations of east Londoners. In partnership with St Hilda’s East Community Centre and Virginia Primary School, Bethnal Green.

Open until 21 Jan 2018

For further info visit: vam.ac.uk


Thomas Ruff: Photographs 1979 – 2017 at Whitechapel Gallery now!


Thomas Ruff | L’Empereur 06, 1982

Cosmology, suburbia, nudity, utopianism, catastrophe – these are some of the subjects that Thomas Ruff addresses in his photographic series, which for almost four decades have investigated the status of the image in contemporary culture.

This exhibition will draw from the full range of Ruff’s output: from his acclaimed passport-style portraits, reproduced on a huge scale and revealing every surface detail of their subjects, to his most recent press++ photographs, drawing on newspaper archives from the era of the space race and Hollywood starlets.

Open until 21 Jan 2018

For further info visit: whitechapelgallery.org


Instant Stories. Wim Wenders’ Polaroids at The Photographers’ Gallery!


This exhibition offers a rare opportunity to see the personal and previously unseen Polaroid work of Oscar-nominated filmmaker, Wim Wenders (b.1945, Germany) and provides a singular insight into the artist’s thought processes, preoccupations and aesthetic inspirations.

portraits of cast and crew, friends and family, behind-the scenes, still-lives, street-photography and landscapes. Alongside diary-like impressions and homages to his artistic inspirations, including Fassbinder and Warhol, the small format images take us on a literal and metaphoric journey through Europe and the US. From his first trip to New York, his fascination with American TV, views from rooftops (he’d never been so high up before), shop-fronts, roads, cars and many other visual recordings, Wenders’ Polaroids reflect a distinctive and lyrical vision – at once both intimate and portentous.

Open until 11 Feb 2018

For further info visit: thephotographersgallery.org.uk


Illuminating India: Photography 1857–2017 at the Science Museum!

The Cricket Match, A Myth of Two Souls, 2015 | Vasantha Yogananthan

Shortly after its invention in Britain in 1839, photography arrived in India. It was used by the British as a tool to document and exert power over the people, architecture and landscapes of the subcontinent but it also became a medium for Indians themselves to express their unique experiences of the country.

This exhibition brings to light the previously overlooked Indian photographers who worked in parallel with their foreign counterparts from the 1850s onwards. Pivoting around two key dates—1857, the year of the Mutiny and 1947, the year of Independence and Partition—it is an ambitious survey of the technological and artistic development of photography in India that examines the role the medium has played in charting the country’s modern history.

Among the images are works by Samuel Bourne, art photography pioneer Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh II, Henri Cartier-Bresson and award-winning contemporary photographer Vasantha Yogananthan.

Open until 31 Mar 2018

For further info visit: sciencemuseum.org.uk